Work on paper

Graphite, Ink & Watercolor

In my work, I focus on the subject of everyday life, as well as its psychological influence in today’s society. I try to go beyond the ordinary by representing the contradictions and connections of American and Chinese cultures and lives in a realistic approach, yet with the surrealistic concept.

The concept for my Graphite & Watercolor series is about the conflicts between cultures, histories and life experiences. As a Chinese lives in America, my interest lies in the conflicts between the two Cultures, different life experiences and world views. During the past 2 decades, I made the numerous trips to Tibet. I truly believe that the mysterious and surrealistic Tibetan Lama religion deeply influenced my artistic creation and personal life. In my recent work on paper with ink, I attempt to combine a variety of contradictory and ambiguous emotional issues with the concept of Tibetan spirituality. It’s the reflection of my feelings, dreams and spiritual journey.

Life is full of mystery, implication and subtlety even though it seems simple and routine everyday. Extraordinary happens out of the ordinary in every moment of our lives, and the tiny particle magnifies the profundity of life.