Oil Acrylic Etching

MASK SERIES – 1994-2003

My work of Mask Series reflects the contradiction between outer human appearance and inner substance, between desire for love and misunderstanding in everyday life. As we know, we all wear many different Masks to face the other people in the Society, we sometimes even wear the mask to ourselves. Such contradictions have always existed within us, from remote antiquity to modern times. In my work, I focus on the identity of gender as well as the ambiguity of gender roles in today’s society.

In my work, I do not propose any resolution to the problems. I prefer to present the actual symbols of struggle, contradiction and ambiguous emotional issues, and allow the viewers to choose their own solutions. Conceptually, the principal focus of my work is the conflict between human instinct and lofty ideals, between fantasy and reality.  Issues of spiritual transformation and personal experience are my constant themes.