Work on paper

Rock Series

Rock has not only been used to symbolize the stability and endurance in many cultures, but it has also been associated with spiritual values. Inspired by the rocky valleys and deserts of the American West, I explore the element of “Rock”.

Over the past 2 decades or so I have made numerous trips to Tibet. I truly believe that the mysterious and at times surrealistic Tibetan Buddhism religion deeply influenced my artistic creation and personal life. After visiting the rocky deserts of the American West, I felt a connection to past experiences, almost resonating from the stones in the area. In Tibet, the stacking of stones/rocks can symbolize a temporary dwelling for a soul. Rock is calm, sheltering, and has great strength. It is a timeless survivor of the ages. Do they carry souls themselves….and can our souls transcend the ages along with them?

Life is full of mysteries. The extraordinary can easily be hidden in every ordinary moment of our lives. Every tiny particle magnifies the profundity of life. Simply resting my hand upon the rock, a flowing energy or echo can be felt, and I feel connected. I believe in the soul of rocks, their timeless strength and the connection that binds them to our lives.